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Providing Customized Crating and Shipping Solutions

Leveraging the decades of expertise gained through our sister company, Craters & Freighters, Craters & Freighters Global Logistics provides premier solutions for packaging, crating, and shipping. As a separate, women-owned and women-certified business, Craters & Freighters Global Logistics capitalizes on Craters & Freighters’ worldwide network to deliver centralized project management and a collaborative approach to logistics. We manage lead generation, customer opportunities, quoting, billing, project management and quality assurance using the most advanced technology and design support in the industry.

Selected by Discerning Clients

Craters & Freighters Global Logistics delivers an exceptional customer experience and reassuring peace of mind by providing innovative, high-quality, protective packaging, crating, and shipping solutions.

Products are handled many times in the course of shipping and subjected to a variety of hazards during transportation, from shock and vibration, to rough handling, compression, puncture, and abrasion. Often, they will travel with a number of other products when transported by LTL, LCL, or Air Freight. Both consumers and businesses rely on us to protect their assets with our unique portfolio of services.

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Unwavering Attention to Detail

Our primary objective is to ensure your items arrive on time and damage-free. To meet that goal, we treat every shipment like it is our only shipment.

Our crating and shipping experts evaluate your product, mode of transport, pickup location, delivery destination, and any special handling requirements to inform the container and cushioning design and build process that will ensure your assets are protected.


Core Values

What’s driven our significant growth and tremendous success through the years? One factor is that we have always adhered to our core values:

  • Integrity. Honesty is our #1 policy.
  • Dedication. We have passion and pride in our work.
  • Commitment. We are committed to our community, coworkers, and families.
  • Accountability. I am the person responsible.
  • Teamwork. We trust our team and work together to succeed.
  • Learning. We value innovation, will learn more, and share our knowledge.
  • Fun. We enjoy our work!
  • Respect. We respect the knowledge, skills, and experience of all.
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Recognized Industry Leader

Collaborating with the professionals at over 65 brick-and-mortar Craters & Freighters locations across the country and vetted partners worldwide, while leveraging the best technology. Craters & Freighters Global Logistics provides unmatched support and logistics.

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