Custom Packaging


Custom Packaging and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters Global Logistics offers custom interior packaging for each container we build. Crates and containers are lined and filled with ample cushioning agents to ensure items are secure for shipping. Many factors are taken into consideration when designing a packaging solution including dimensions, weight, fragility, mode of transport, and final destination.

Consultative Product Packaging

We take a consultative approach to determining your product’s packaging requirements. Our packing experts work with you to understand your product’s specifications and develop a packaging solution that ensures safe transport and delivery.

We use several different types of cushioning to prepare our containers for shipping, including polyurethane, polyether, and polystyrene foams. Many of our locations use eco-friendly cushioning products including recycled cardboard materials.

Expert, Single-Source, Product-Specific Packaging Solutions

Craters & Freighters Global Logistics provides premier solutions to meet the unique packaging needs of national and international companies that have high-value, and high-volume requirements.

  • Anti-static — We use a wide variety of anti-static packaging materials including wraps, foams, and barriers to prevent electrostatic discharges from damaging your sensitive items.
  • Corrugated — Craters & Freighters Global Logistics offers free quotes for any corrugated container or custom box need. We handle all aspects of the shipping process including pickup, packaging, crating, insuring, and delivery.
  • Specialized cushioning — Thousands of clients from every industry rely on our expertise in cushioning and prepping items for shipping hazards and complications.
  • Heat shrink wrapping — Craters & Freighters Global Logistics offers expert heat shrink wrap services for assets that need short-term or long-term storage.
  • Hard Shell Cases — These specialized cases provide exceptional protection.
  • Vapor barrier — Electronics and items with sensitive or bare metal surfaces that are being transported by ocean container require moisture-proof vapor barrier packaging.

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